Matthew William Maycock, PhD

Gender and prison research…


Here you can find more information about my research and consultancy.

I am currently doing research at the Scottish Prison Service College, focusing on developing academic processes and supporting the development of a diploma that represents a significant change in the way that future Prison Officers will be trained in Scotland.

I was previously undertaking post docutural research at Social and Public Health Scientist Unit at the Glasgow University in the Settings and Organisations Team ( My research focused on masculinity and health in prisons, with a particular focus on the adaption of a health promotion intervention delivered in a number of secure institutions in Scotland.

I completed my PhD thesis from the University of East Anglia in 2013. My thesis focused on masculinities in post-conflict Nepal, specifically considering the experiences of a group of recently freed bonded labourers. This complements a long held interest in research on masculinity with a particular focus on South Asia and especially Nepal.

Throughout various university studies I have consistently worked on gender issues, with masculinity being a particular focus. Alongside undertaking research on conflict and masculinity in South Asia, I have complemented this by working for a number of years on gender mainstreaming (explicitly focusing on men and boys) within public health, in England and Wales for the organisation The Men’s Health Forum ( Furthermore, I have also undertaken various pieces of work and consultancy for development INGOs in order to ensure the specific needs and concerns of men and boys are included within gender sensitive work and research.

More broadly my research has explored the potential contribution that explicitly focusing on masculinities can contribute to various areas of study.